• Hair Regrowth

    Today, there are several non-surgical options available for hair restoration or hair regrowth, ranging from hair products such as pills and creams to injections.

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  • Pigmentation

    Skin pigmentation refers to coloring of the skin caused by either the excessive production or the under production of a pigment called melanin.

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  • Nose Reshape


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  • Laser Treatments

    Laser resurfacing refers to a treatment for reducing facial wrinkles and other irregularities in the skin, such as blemishes or acne scars.

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Non-Surgical Face Lift

A thread lift or a non-surgical facelift refers to a minimally invasive technique which is used to lift the sagging skin on the face and neck using surgical suture threads. A thread lift is not a replacement for a facelift. One of the biggest benefits of a thread lift is the absence of conspicuous scars and the extremely short downtime from daily activities. Usually, thread lift is performed in combination with various other procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections, laser treatments and facial peels that help to improve the texture and appearance of the skin. Liposuction can also be done at the same time, to improve the contours of the face. A thread lift is generally considered as a "lunchtime" or "weekend" procedure and is normally performed within one hour.

Thread Lift Procedure

In this procedure, barbed sutures or threads are used for lifting sagging eyebrows and eyelids, deep naso-labial folds or aging neck tissues. The sutures are inserted underneath the facial tissues using a thin needle. While the barbs positioned on one end of the thread grab and lift the sagging skin, the teeth on the other end anchor the skin to the facial tissues. Most physicians perform thread lifts in combination with other procedures, such as chin lifts, neck lifts and brow lifts.

Am I a good candidate for facelift?

You might be an ideal candidate for thread lift if:

  • You are aged between 35 and 45 years.
  • You have a prominent jaw, a minimally sagging mid-facial appearance or bags under the eyes or on the neck.
  • Additional support is required for the soft tissue area that was raised through a facelift.

A full facelift involves 18 APTOS threads. The threads required per region would usually be 2 for each brow, 3 for each cheek, 2 for each jaw line and 2 for each side of the neck thus amounting to 18 threads.