• Hair Regrowth

    Today, there are several non-surgical options available for hair restoration or hair regrowth, ranging from hair products such as pills and creams to injections.

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  • Pigmentation

    Skin pigmentation refers to coloring of the skin caused by either the excessive production or the under production of a pigment called melanin.

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  • Nose Reshape


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  • Laser Treatments

    Laser resurfacing refers to a treatment for reducing facial wrinkles and other irregularities in the skin, such as blemishes or acne scars.

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Bunny Lines

Bunny lines refer to wrinkles that are commonly found on the upper bridge of the nose or on either side of the nose. Bunny lines are generally the result of hyperactivity of nasalis muscles when smiling or laughing. These wrinkles could either be horizontal, vertical or diagonal and are usually superficial or shallow. Very often, people have more than one bunny line, and the lines become quite conspicuous when the nose moves when people smile.

Bunny lines are often treated by injecting BOTOX on either side of the nose, as well as in the transverse line that runs across the bridge of the nose. Only very small quantities of BOTOX are used to treat bunny lines. Individuals who desire to treat bunny lines will usually require regular treatments as they have the tendency to reappear. Advanced dermal fillers, such as Juvederm or Restylane, are also used to treat bunny lines.